The Wandering Woods
fairy tales

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The Wandering Woods, is the series title for a collection of unique fairy tales written by David Gibson and is also the broad, magical setting for each of those stories.  The expanse of towering trees stretch from the mountains of the cold north to the great river that winds its way far to the south.  From the ocean in the distant west the huge swaying sentinels of leaf and bark march across the land, to finally disappear into the hazy depths of the fairy mists of the east. 

Amber is the first fairy tale of The Wandering Woods series by David Gibson to be published.

The enchanting story of Amber,  a very special girl who lives with her mother Blossom, a witch of good nature, within the woods.  

Amber knows that her mother must take a sip of potion every day, but she doesn't know why. 

When her mother falls ill, Amber must go in search of the ingredients for the potion, overcoming challenges and perils along the way.  

This is a magical tale , sure to be loved by the whole family no matter your age or gender.

Available in paperback and eBook format.