The Wandering Woods
fairy tales

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Amber began weaving its magic as a bed time story for the authors two children, a daughter of six and his son aged three at the time.  

'Sometimes I would read a story from a book, though on occasion they would ask me to make one up.  If I was really lucky they would often tell me a tale of their own imagination too, though these were far more magical and inspiring than ever I could manage.'

A theme began to develop throughout the tales that he would invent for them.  Though each remained a separate and concise story, with new characters and adventures to be enjoyed, the prevailing location for them became a different area within a vast continent of forest which he called The Wandering Woods.

When he began writing Amber as a complete fairy tale, David wanted to keep the atmosphere and structure so evident within the tales of his own childhood, while creating new characters and stories for the modern reader.

The landscape of The Wandering Woods offered a setting that could be diverse and sometimes remote, depending on the particular fairy tale.  It is a place where magic and mystery can exist far from the world we live in, believable and enchanting yet accessible to all.

The series consists of multiple themes, some more evident than others; from friendship and love to positive thinking and self discovery.  Full of challenges to overcome and quests to be fulfilled.  The Wandering Woods series is bound to rekindle your belief in magic and delivers a charming new episode in the enduring history of fairy tales.

'If I walked into a house and saw my book, dog eared and held together with tape, I think that would be a pretty good compliment... '