The Wandering Woods
fairy tales

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Here you can read some of the reviews for Amber.

Gibson has created a beautiful tale for parents and children alike, which has in turn been stunningly illustrated by Sayers. [...] The language is beautiful and poetic, flowing freely from chapter to chapter and drawing the reader deep into The Wandering Woods.  I would highly recommend fans of fairy tales give Gibson a chance; you'll be eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

Jade the Obscure (Independent Book Reviewer)

Rarely does one find a children's book that is as appealing to adults as well as to youngsters. Amber is just that. [...] This beautifully written book sweeps the reader away with its Grimme-esque language, whimsical style and deliciously dark atmosphere. 

Yatter Yatter Magazine, March/April 2015.

"A really beautiful fairy tale that took me back to being a child hearing stories with my brother. Amber is a lovely character and you fall in love with her strength and tenacity, supported by her amusing companions. The author really manages to transport you to the Wandering Woods, and you get a lovely feel of how the woods surround you, as you read and are swallowed up by the magic of words and pictures. The artwork is breathtaking and together with the story is just perfect. I'm ready for the next one!"

- Ani, Wales.