The Wandering Woods
fairy tales

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The Wandering Woods series has been formulated with a broad age range of readers in mind.

It was with this intent that younger audiences having the story read to them, gain a clear picture of what is happening, while for the older individual reader, inclusive words that may be previously unfamiliar are signalled by descriptives, allowing understanding through context.  The size of the script in this respect is also important, finding a balance in size that makes the words easier to read yet not being too large that they appear condescending. 

The unique paper-cut illustrations offer a non racially specific medium which through the use of silhouette, allow the reader to utilise their own imagination in the features of each character.  

School Readings.

Since the publication of Amber, several school's have contacted me regarding author readings and/or student talks, depending on age range and syllabus.  This is something that I have a keen interest in supporting.

If you feel that your students could benefit and enjoy such a visit, then you can enquire about this possibility by using the 'Contact' button at the top of this page, outlining the age of those to be delivered to, time allotment and any specific criteria, for example, current projects or particular interests concerning the book.

Unfortunately, due to the logistics and time required for such an endeavour, I am only able as yet, to consider schools that are within the North Wales area. 


If you are a representative of a school or institution, it may interest you to know, that by opening an account with Waterstone's book store for your purchases, you may be eligible for acquiring titles at a reduced cost.